As a performer, Savourna Stevenson has been in the vanguard of the renaissance of the Celtic harp since the 1970’s, when she gave her concert debut at the age of fifteen with Fairport Convention at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London. The world renowned virtuoso has pushed her instrument’s capablities across stylistic boundries between traditional, classical, world music, and jazz, with an international performing career that spans three decades and has produced ten CD recordings.

“Stevenson’s verbal confidence is matched by her assured playing: detailed, shimmering and glacial, she always seems to know exactly what’s going to happen next, never straying off too far into the more improvisational reaches of jazz.”

– Martin Longley, MOJO Magazine

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  1. I enjoyed ‘Loose Ends’, though I can’t remember how much I liked my tape of your album with Davey Spillane. I haven’t heard it for ages, as the last time I played a tape, Jethro Tull, the tape chewed by and my tape player broke! I hope to get a new stereo soon!

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