Celtic Harp


An excellent compilation CD with selected instrumental tracks taken from Savourna’s previous three Cooking Vinyl recordings: Touch Me Like The Sun, Calman The Dove and Singing The Storm

Not the collection of traditional Celtic harp music that the title suggests   …   but a much more exciting and diverse selection of Stevenson’s own ‘Celtic inspired’ compositions    …   excellent”     Folk Roots

Celtic Harp is also available to download from iTunes.

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1. Calman the Dove
2. An Buachaille ( The Herdsman )
3. The White Swan
4. Mesmerising Nessy
5. Fording the Tweed ( harp solo )
6. Dawn
7. Earth, Wind
8. Water
9. Calman the Wolf
10. Emily’s Calling
11. Blue Orchid
12. Sith As A Ghaillionn ( Peace From The Storm )
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