Tickled Pink


Savourna Stevenson’s first album, recorded in 1985, with Frank Usher on acoustic guitar and Shetland fiddler Aly Bain in a selection of traditional tunes from Ireland, England, Scotland and Shetland, as well as several of her own compositions for clarsach: Tickled Pink, Jalan, and Lament for a Blind Harper.

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1. The Trip We Took Over the Mountains
2. Parthenia
3. Monaghan Jig
4. The Auld Noost
5. Jalan
6. The Hag with the Money/Sleepy Maggie
7. Lament for a  Blind Harper
8. The Dowie Dens O’ Yarrow
9. Tickled Pink
10. Logan Water
11.The South Wind
12. Molly MacAlphin/Planxty Irwin
13. South Uist Set (Till A Croadh, Faigh An Croadh/Cha Bhi Mi ‘Gad Thaladh
14. The High Rad to Linton/The Chanter’s Tune
15. The Trip We Took Over the Mountains

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