Calman the Dove

cdCalmanDove_m[Cooking Vinyl COOK CD 137]“Stevenson has delivered a musical gem that features not only her fluent, jazz-tinged harp but also the moody whistle of Davy Spillane and the gipsy-like fiddle of Anne Wood. The thrilling bustle of the opening track, with Spillane pouring out notes, gives way to the slow, mesmeric beauty of The White Swan and then some sparkling solo harp in An Buchaille before the three musicians settle into a sustained exploration of Stevenson’s ruminative themes, spattered with spicy, Charlie Parkerish chord changes. Delightful stuff.” THE SCOTSMAN

” magical harp playing exquisitely complemented by the talented violinist’s abilities and further enhanced by the melodic tones of Davy Spillane … a beautiful, haunting collection of tunes” THE IRISH WORLD

1:Calman the Wolf
2:The White Swan
3:An Buachaille
( The Herdsman )
4:Calman the Dove
5:Where There’s Women There’s Trouble
6:I Mo Chridh ( Iona My Heart )
7:Mesmerising Nessy
8:The Bell Ringer
9:Sith As A Ghaillionn ( Peace From The Storm )

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