Tusitala, teller of Tales

[ Eclectic ECL CD 9412] Written for the Robert Louis Stevenson centenary in 1994 – harp with violins (incl. Aly Bain & Anne Wood ), flute, saxophones, double bass & marimba.

“A lovely album, full of delightful, bobbing, swaying tunes that appropriately bridge the Atlantic gap by the skilful melding of jazz and
Scots motifs … a sparkling album” THE SCOTSMAN

“Again Savourna Stevenson completely re-writes the rule-book and proves the harp is capable of being pushed beyond its usual limits … and sometimes doing the seemingly impossible” TAPLAS

1:Tusitala, Teller of Tales
2:Jekyll & Hyde
3:Clyde to Sandy Hook
4:Across the Plains
5:Mexican Monterey
6:Silverado Squatters
7:La Solitude
9:Treasure Island & Long John Silver
10: Road of the Loving Heart
11: Child’s Garden & the Kidnapped Reel
12: Island Seas

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