Aeolian Harp

Aeolian Harp Pavilion at the Royal Botanic Gardens

Aeolian Harp Pavilion at the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh.

Created by Scottish harp maker Mark Norris, the Aeolian Harp Pavilion was installed in the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh in May 2014 and is now a permanent feature in the gardens.

The harp is made from a 200 year old Wych Elm tree which was felled in the gardens in 2003 after Dutch Elm disease.

This time-lapse film shows the 3 day installation of the Pavilion … with music from Savourna Stevenson, which is also performed on a harp made by Mark Norris …

Music tracks are … ‘Calman The Wolf’ and ‘An Buachaille’ from the CD Calman The Dove ( Cook CD 137 )
… and ‘Come Try Me ( 1st Movement String Quintet )’ from the CD Touch Me Like The Sun ( Cook CD 192 )

Water, from the city to the sea

Water, from the ‘The White Swan’ on Calman the Dove

This short film features a number of different pieces of music. I like them all.
I have not sought the permission from the performers/artists for the use of their music. I would hope however that they will enjoy how I’ve used their music. I’ve loved the ‘Ocean of Sound’ LP of a number of years (& the book) and there’s loads of other good stuff on this double LP. I also really like Savourna Stevenson and her other stuff like ‘Fording the Tweed’ (Touch me like the Sun). The music featured in this film is as follows in chronological order:
Savourna Stevenson — ‘The White Swan’ from the album Calman the Dove — released 2000.
All other tracks are from the double album ‘Ocean of Sound’ 1996 compiled by David Toop