Water, from the city to the sea

Water, from the ‘The White Swan’ on Calman the Dove

This short film features a number of different pieces of music. I like them all.
I have not sought the permission from the performers/artists for the use of their music. I would hope however that they will enjoy how I’ve used their music. I’ve loved the ‘Ocean of Sound’ LP of a number of years (& the book) and there’s loads of other good stuff on this double LP. I also really like Savourna Stevenson and her other stuff like ‘Fording the Tweed’ (Touch me like the Sun). The music featured in this film is as follows in chronological order:
Savourna Stevenson — ‘The White Swan’ from the album Calman the Dove — released 2000.
All other tracks are from the double album ‘Ocean of Sound’ 1996 compiled by David Toop

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